Easter Soapbox

Easter is a big deal to me. You could say it's my soapbox. I preach "celebrate the season" to anyone who will listen.

I wasn't raised in a church that celebrated Lent. But in the last five years, it has become very significant to me. I'm not sure how it all started. I think it had to do with teaching my first-born Anne what Easter was really all about. I began to realize how little time and focus was given to Easter, particularly in the evangelical Christian community. I knew I would have to be intentional and get creative about practicing Lent in my home with my little sprouts. And that's how my Lent journey began.

So here it is....my Easter Soapbox speech. Hold on, let me climb up here and get the mike adjusted....

 My soapbox


For many--and likely most of us--Easter involves one day, perhaps one weekend if you are traveling and dying eggs on Saturday night. Yet, Easter is the foundation of our Christian faith.

Consider: We take a whole month to celebrate Christmas. Advent calendar, anyone?  It involves gifts, decorations, books, movies, songs, activities, parties. You name it, and at Christmas time, we do it.

What about Easter? We get the Easter bunny, egg hunts, chocolate (a very key factor), church on Sunday morning, family dinner after. Maybe, maybe some other Easter-related events, which usually take place at Sunday School or church or MOPS, but not really in our homes.

Now, don't get me wrong. I love Christmas. I am all about God sending Baby Jesus down and giving us such a precious gift. But if Jesus just came and lived and that was it, our faith would be empty--really nothing. What sets Jesus apart is that he not only came, but that he lived a sinless life, died a horrible and shameful death on the cross for our sins (not his own)... Then, rose again on the third day--not only conquering our sin, but death itself.

As Saint Paul wrote in 1 Corinthians 15:14, "If Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain."

Can I get an "AMEN!"

Without Easter—without the resurrection of Christ—there would be no Christian faith. Christ's resurrection is the proof of his divinity.

This is what Lent is all about. It's about taking a season (really just a little over a month) to reflect and celebrate. Don't you think it deserves some time on our calendars?

Now, I'm not trying to guilt anyone about into celebrating 40 days of Lent, fasting, giving up something on Ash Wednesday, etc. That's not where I'm going with this at all. I just want to encourage all you mamas out there to think of some simple, but meaningful, ways you can do just a little bit more during this season to teach your family about how incredible Easter is...making it a little more special, more anticipated, more meaningful.

Check out some books at the library.

Serve others in need.

Bake some special goodies.

Give gifts.

Talk to about sin, sacrifice and grace. (Even the youngest can begin to understand this Truth.)

Make some stuff.

Act out the Easter story.

Sing songs.

Have a party with friends.

Decorate your house.

Come, on mamas. Let's get our Easter on!


  1. I, too, didn't grow up really observing Lent or the Easter season (Easter Sunday, yes, but the season? Not really). During college and post-college, though, I started to dig a little, and ever since, I've been muddling my way through Lent and Easter. It's changed the meaning so much for me, and even though my husband and I don't yet have children, I already know I want us to instill these values and traditions with them as well. It's just so important, I think, to travel through this season with the Savior, to try to recognize more fully just what He gave for us that day at Calvary. Thank you for reminding us and encouraging us to seek deeper meaning this Easter. What a blessing it is!

  2. AMEN. love every bit of this. your heart for HIM is encouraging.
    thanks for sharing, janna!

  3. What a wonderful reminder! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  4. Yes! Thank you for this! I was actually just thinking and praying about this earlier. I've always gone all out for Christmas and yet wondered why there wasn't more focus on our Savior's resurrection. Thank you for all of the resources you provided, I'm devoted to showing my family the importance of Easter.

  5. Annie: If you wanting to do something for you this Lent season, check out these books at the bottom of Ann's post here: http://www.aholyexperience.com/2012/02/what-lent-really-means-free-easter-devotional-book-to-make-a-jesus-easter-tree/

    I LOVE the Bread and Wine book. And I also have the Devotions for Lent book.

  6. THank you soo much for this post with great resource ideas and for serving as a catalyst to action. In desiring to be always intentional with my kiddos, I certainly needed this reminder.

  7. i absolutely love the fun ideas here that i can do with my children!
    thank you!
    we will be doing these..for sure!
    blessings to you.

  8. amen and amen. how hilar that i wrote a post like this on the same day you did. dang, could have just copy and pasted your words! great post. great encouragement.