To be called beautiful

I could not wear a lick of make-up for the rest of my life, and never style my hair. I could wear my pajama's all the long day, have bad breath, and not be happy with my weight, and still I would be beautiful to God. My eyebrows could go ungroomed and I may have wrinkles. And I will choose to rest in the Truth that none of this matters to our Lord.

As women I think we all have this earthly desire to feel pretty and look pretty; we long for it and we long to hear it from others, especially our man. One of the many hard lessons I've learned through the years is to wean myself off of needing to hear that I am pretty from my husband. I hope to write more about that one day, but for now I will leave you with a poem I wrote when I was hidden in the corner of my closet during the darkest times of my marriage in 2005. And I felt God wanting me to share it because it seems there is something thick in the air all around related to this. I hope you like it. And carry this Truth and reality with you friends.

What I wouldn't give
to be called beautiful,
oh how I would feel,
oh how I would feel.

To catch his eye
or for him to look
my way-
you have no idea
how much for
this I pray.

How would it feel
to be noticed in
such a way...
to capture one's heart
with my beauty?
this is what
I long for day to day.

But Lord, why should I worry so?

When I know
this happens everyday to me
with You.


  1. I needed to be reminded of who I put so much effort into trying to look pretty for :) And for Him, it has nothing to do with the outward appearance.

    1. Janna, you are so right! I mean the society we live in has so much physical appearance pressures for women, and we simply can not live up. Beauty is fleeting as the Word says...but inner beauty, our hearts, is where it's at. Thank you for reading!!

  2. Gina, just yesterday I was talking with my boys about how we judge others based on outward things: wealth, statu, looks, talents. I shared the verse, "Man looks at the outward pperance, but God looks at the heart."
    I've never thought of applying that to myself.
    Do I spend as much time in heart care as I do in care for my outward self?
    True, true words.
    And thank you for the poem.
    It is real and lovely.
    I have felt those things and it is so good to remember how God sees me rather than how my husband does.
    Love from,

    1. Greta, God's timing is unbelievable to me! I love that you are teaching your boys this, because with a looks driven society all around us, it's more vital than it's ever been to raise up our boys differently. Yes, the inner workings of beauty is where it's at for sure. Killing our vanity, and having the Lord beautify our HEARTS. Thank you for reading, I so appreciate your feedback:)

  3. That was really powerful gina!

  4. I love this, Gina :) We are so much alike! I wrote a post very similar to this a couple years ago--I had so many insecurities and I was looking to my husband to make me feel secure and beautiful. It put a huge strain on our relationship. God rescued me, though!! He has really healed me and freed me with the revelation that all my worth is found in Him. He is the only one who can truly affirm my soul! And with the healing God brought me, he also healed my relationship with my husband. I don't nag him and I run to God first when I'm feeling low. Now, I'm overwhelmed with love and compliments from him (I never "expect" him to anymore and I'm amazed at how easily it comes! haha)

    1. Joye thanks for sharing your heart dear friend, it is so true, we have such matching hearts, boy oh boy. God knew what He was doing putting us in each other's paths. PTL I love what you shared, I will remember that, it's amazing what can happen when we just LET GO and quit "fighting" for certain selfish things, isn't it?!

  5. Today I am thankful for yet another reminder of who I should try my best to please. Your words have enlightend my day!

    1. thank you aimee, i am blessed to know this...

  6. so many women struggle with this. thank you for sharing Truth, gina. it is such a powerful and pervasive lie that we are to be satisfied by the attention and love from our husbands.

    that being said, i would love to have a discussion (maybe even a bit here in the comments) about swinging too far in the direction of not hoping our husbands would cherish us as God intended. i think this is a sincere desire in a wife's heart and i struggle with finding the appropriate balance. i do believe we are called to be Christ's ambassadors to our spouses, loving and respecting our husbands regardless of this, but i want to also support a woman feeling abandoned and hurt. God can and does satisfy, but we are also one flesh with these men. . .

    to avoid getting too long here in my comment, i would love to ask anyone to give their thoughts on this. how does this play out in your marriages and your hearts? how do you look to Him for affirmation, while encouraging your husband's in this area? and if it hasn't happened in your marriage, how do you mourn?

    1. Annalea, I totally know what you are saying, my best friend tells me the same thing. And it's true, all you said. And I hope for my marriage to one day be what God intended despite the fallen world around us. There is so much history behind my poem, so there is a mystery there, that I do hope to write about one day. The way I've learned through it is to be independent in hopes that he will compliment me, or say something profound...once I was able to find that independence from him and find it in the Lord, I became less uptight and had little to no expectations. I let go of my grip, and I become less uptight in wanting compliments or comments from him. I didn't count on him to say anything. I used to BANK on it. As it were life ITself. I fed off of anything he would say. But I finally didn't really care...the Lord took that burden from me. I found that the Lord was my Husband, Father, Groom, Friend,Confidant, Comforter, Healer, all of it because my husband just wasn't. So I had no choice, I had to find a way to live each day, a new way. My story is that the Lord literally was all I had in my marriage. So I'm a bit extreme {lol}. You are absolutely right though and that is my complete hope! And I do hope to share my marriage story someday, I might on my blog in the marriage series I'm doing. Thank you for these honest questions Annalea, and your vulnerability. This is an incredible "topic" that is for sure, I like that you started the convo! xo

  7. thank you, gina. oh, friend. glad you wrote this out. it's SO for me. love you.

    1. Oh I am so happy hannah! thanks for telling me!

  8. Wonderful, powerful, challenging TRUTH you have blessed us with today. Thank you! It is an important reminder to focus on the TRUTH, remember the TRUTH and find rest in the TRUTH! The end to your poem was most powerful & a reminder to cling to for sure. This post is beautiful and I will USE your poem and wisdom and I am so thankful for it. God bless you and Beautifully Rooted.. LOVE!