Felt pinwheel headband

After having two boys in a row I was so elated when the Lord chose to add a little girl into our family. I admit there was something really special about being a Mom of only boys but the addition of a mini me has truly overwhelmed my heart in the best way!

My daughter, Josie is sixteen months old and I love shopping for her but she and has yet to get much
hair on her cute little head. I can not wait for her first pigtails but until then I have had fun creating lots of sweet headbands for her.

For the Spring I made this super quick and easy felt pinwheel headband (this could easily be
made into a barrette or pin as well). Fun for all those sweet flowery dresses and for Easter too!

For this project you will need:
three inch squares of felt
coordinating button
elastic or ribbon for the headband
needle and thread
and about 15 minutes

1. Start by cutting a slit into each corner of the piece of felt almost to the center.
I used my cutting mat for this but it's really not necessary.

2. Once you have your slits cut take a needle and thread and starting from the back
sew one side of each of the four sections down creating a pinwheel.

3. Once you have the pinwheel formed finish off by adding a coordinating button.

4. I made a headband using some velvet ribbon and measuring Josie's head (18 inches)
and just stitched the ribbon ends together but you could also use a pre-made headband
or elastic as well. Sew the pinwheel onto the headband and your finished!

The girly cuteness gets me every time!!


  1. SO cute rebekah! (the headband and your baby!!) thanks for sharing :)

  2. I wonder if my husband would mind if I put this on our son. Just for a little while. Like a minute.

  3. oh, my!
    what a great idea!
    so very cute!

  4. i just love and adore this little sweetness! thanks!

  5. oh my goodness! I have to make one, like now! :)

  6. oh my goodness! I have to make one, like now! :)