Found- A Photo Link Up

"If you look for me in earnest, you will find me when you seek me.
I will be FOUND by you," says the Lord.
Jeremiah 29:13-14

Welcome to the Found Photo Link Up hosted by Beautifully Rooted!
We want to challenge you to be intentional about capturing God in your
everyday life through your camera lens.  Our hope is that through this process
we'll be able to slow down so we can live in His comfort & peace each day,
but that we'll also be able to create a collection of images to look back on
as a visual reminder that He really is with us every single day.


I think this moment, captured by Sarah from Three Little Freckles, just exudes God's joy.
Here's some of what Sarah shared in her post...

 My daughter’s belly laugh makes all of us crack up.  The baby’s silly giggles are so delightful they make me stop whatever I’m doing to join in. I think God feels that way when he hears us laughing.  We’re His children.  Think of the joy He gets from our happiness.  I like to think He hears me whoopin’ it up and laughs with me.  I am confident of the joy He finds in our uproarious laughter and quiet giggles when they honor Him.

Thanks for linking up Sarah!


Now it's time to share where you found Him in your week.
-Photos from any kind of camera will work:
your cell phone, instagram, point and shoot, or a dslr.

-Simply link up your blog post, sharing where you found Him in your week.
 -Not a blogger, but still want to join in the fun?
You can still link up your photo through Flickr.  Simply grab
the photo's direct link, which can be found on the share
tab of your photo, and add it to the link up.

-Include a link back to the photo link up  in your post or photo description.
If you'd like, you can grab a Found button for your post from our sidebar.

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  1. Love Sarah's blog!! Cutest kids ever. Thanks for sharing!