Resurrection Rolls

Here's a tasty little Easter treat to make with your family and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus!


Now, I didn't come up with this "recipe" and, in fact, I didn't know they were called Easter rolls or Resurrection rolls until someone else told me. See, my husband's grandma makes them for brunch all the time and they are a delicious, easy treat.

My daughter isn't old enough to help out yet, although she sure tried, but these would be great to make with older kids. As you put them together it's an easy way to share the true story of Easter!

There's only 4 ingredients and they take less than 20 minutes.


1. cinnamon and sugar
2. melted butter
3. jumbo marshmallows
4. crescent rolls

To assemble the rolls, dip the marshmallow in butter, roll it in the cinnamon sugar mixture and wrap it in a crescent roll.


As you make them, you can explain what happened after the cross with the illustration of the marshmallow being Christ's body, how he was anointed with oils (butter and cinnamon) and placed in a tomb (roll).


Then place each assembled roll in a muffin tin and bake according to the instructions on the crescent roll tube.


When you open the "tomb" the body of Christ is gone!


Happy Easter!


  1. Lesley! Those look fantastic! I've heard of ressurection rolls, but have never eaten them. I can't wait to try these! Thank you so much sharing!

  2. I'm making these this year!!!

  3. We make these all the time, people love them, we call them Magic Puffs. I've never heard of them called resurrection rolls, what a great idea. We drizzle glaze over the top of ours, so yummy.

  4. This is so great! I am going to have to make these this year!

  5. I can't believe I've never heard of AWESOME!

  6. those look fantastic, and great for the kiddies...I love the meaning in these rolls, thank you! Happy Easter...we must endure Friday though to get to the joy of SUNDAY!

  7. hold the phone... the marshmallows disappear? do they melt? that sounds YUM. even outside of easter...i could eat something like that everyday. :)

    too bad no cresent rolls in england/france. i'll have to improvise with something similar.(pastry dough maybe? hmm.)

  8. Okay I am drooling! I need to make these! You have inspired me! Loving your blog.

  9. thanks, lesley! can't wait to make these! xo