Twig Lettered Sign

Bienvenue to our potager.
Don't you feel welcome?
Maybe because of this cheerful Twig Lettered Sign hanging from the arbor entrance?

Here's how I made this new addition to our garden.

Materials Used:
1x4 cedar board
tape measure
table saw
spray paint
collected twigs
garden pruners
wood glue (waterproof)
twine and scissors

Due to a big construction project we have going on in our backyard right now, there is a lot of scrap wood available. I found a piece of cedar just waiting to be transformed. After measuring the space under the arbor, I cut my board to size. (This is the part where I feel cool for using a table saw.)

The next steps included. . .
Drilling holes for the twine
Spraying 3 coats of paint
Working out the twig letters

I used garden pruners to snip the twigs to the right length. To speed up the process, I did my letter constructing and arranging on a second piece of wood, while the paint was drying. I just transferred my twig letters to the painted board before gluing.

Once letter placement was determined, it was time to glue on the twigs.
(Then time to be patient while it dried.)

I didn't stress about a little extra glue around the edges, because I wanted to make sure the letters stay secure while out in the sun and rain. This step was super quick, so it would not be a huge deal to reattach a twig here and there. Here's hoping that waterproof glue does its job.

Lastly, I cut the twine to my needed length, slipped it through the drilled holes, and tied the sign to the arbor.

The contrast of the pale blue sign and the rustic brown twigs makes me oh so happy. And the sweet color, which will nicely fade over time, will just pop amidst the red and peachy-orange roses as they continue to grow over the arbor. Can't you just picture it?

It won't be long before these beds are overflowing. That will be a welcome sight indeed. Now excuse me while I follow these little ones in for a bit of planting and weeding.


  1. LOVE this and love your garden. :) thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Oh girl! The garden looks great! I could definitely use a cute sign like that in our garden. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. how wonderful! i love that you chose French even though you're often speaking Spanish :D
    i'd love a garden, but alas it'll be whatever fits on our back balcony. still could totally do the sign though, love it!

  4. Thank you for sharing! I think this is a project we will be making together for ME for Mother's Day! I have just the space but I am going to have to use yellow my favorite color. Again, thanks for the inspiration and glimpse into your garden!

  5. totally LOVE this!
    and i wish i had your gardening talent.
    help! :)

  6. Super cute and simple! I think I'm gonna try this-love your bright blue too!

  7. Your garden is an inspiration indeed...maybe next year. The sign makes it perfectly you : )

  8. Put this up on Little House in the Suburbs blog. Great post!