A Champion Pencil Cup

Perhaps there is a special someone in your life that you'd like to recognize.  Why not tell them so with a handy dandy pencil cup?  This desk topper would be a daily reminder of their champion status in your life.

This just might be the easiest DIY I'll ever share.  In fact, this project was actually made by my 7yo for his papi and is a great one for little hands.  With Father's Day right around the corner (here in the U.S.), I thought it was quite fitting.   But this is not really a dad specific - or even guy specific - gift.

Materials used:
thrifted trophy cup
label maker

Maybe you remember that label maker I used for my word-y wall art a few months ago?  I mentioned then its wonderful versatility.  The labels just look so retro-cool and I am a fan of the primary color options.

Now go and look for some trophy cups to fill!



  1. annalea you have the best ideas. i love this.

  2. Such a sweet idea...now to get thrifty and find a trophy cup : )

  3. so cute! I saw a wall of trophys at the thrift store this week. They suddenly seem so useful! :)