A gentle and quiet spirit

You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. - I Peter 3:4

While we lived in Denton, Texas, He worked on my heart.

He provided me a safe place, surrounded by friends, to blossom into being a wife and mother.  

As a mother who worked outside of the home, I often had found myself marching to the drum of guilt and judgement.  Sarcastic comments and hurtful statements had been buried deep inside my heart.   

I found myself on my knees very often, asking Him for guidance and peace knowing that there were medical bills and debt to pay.  I felt very near to Him during that time.  

You know those times that you are swept up in the sweet mystery of His peace and His presence?  And then, when you feel like you cannot hear Him, you look back on those times with longing?  

He began showing me friends who covered me with grace and gentleness.

I began spending more time with other Christian wives and mothers.  It was absolutely freeing.  When I walked into my first play date at a friend's house, there were piles of laundry and sticky floors. 

I felt absolutely liberated.

This friend made no excuses or apologies.  I don't think we even discussed it.  

But from then on, when she was coming over to my home, I felt a certain freedom to just relax and be.  I was reminded that He just wanted all of me, even my sticky floors and my piles of clean laundry.  

He reminded me that the time I spend listening to giggles instead of racing around mopping, is time well spent.  There will always be time to mop later. (no really.  it's true.)

Gentleness became the biggest lesson and gift for me at that time.  

Because of the gentleness shown to me, I wanted to pour it out on those around me.  I began to look for times when I could change my behavior to hold my tongue (and my hurtful glances) and give gentleness.

Gentleness when they break a plate - opening my eyes to see that they were just trying to help.
Gentleness when they forget to take out the trash - opening my eyes that he changed the oil in my car that day.
Gentleness when they were late to a coffee date - opening my eyes that they were juggling a husband who came home late from work and runny noses.

Let's give each other gentleness today! 


  1. Such an encouraging, gracious reminder. Sometimes I forget that gentleness is really such strength.

  2. The Lord has been showing me lately that I need a lot more patient, loving gentleness in my life. It is often painful to realize just how much I need this strength, but by His grace and power, He can do it! Thank you for this reminder.