childlike worship

On rare occasion, I find myself breaking into song prior to my morning coffee. It is always with insane enthusiasm that I belt out the following tune from my youth group summer camp days when our youth pastor was in the driver's seat while we were crashed out with pillows and blankets in the back of the van.

Rise and shine
and give God the glory, glory
Rise and shine
and give God the glory, glory,
Rise and Shine and, give God the glory, glory
Children of the Lord!!!

As we did to our young youth pastor, two of my three boys do slight eye roll and try to block out my off-pitch song and dance as best as possible. Clearly, my children don't appreciate my humor or singing as their morning wake-up call.

But not my crazy, yet sweet Jack.

Maybe it is because he's four. 
Maybe because he loves to sing.
Maybe it is because his daddy is a musician.
Or maybe it is just because he has a heart for worship.

Jack always finds a reason to make music for the One who loves him most.

Although Jack sings about school, snakes, and cheeseburgers, he mostly loves to sing about Jesus. He may throw some randoms in the mix of each song, but the core of his song reflects his sincere heart for Jesus. He endlessly sings of God's love and of having Jesus in his heart. 

The simplicity of his worship is stunning. He is not worshipping for attention or for God to give him something in return. His singing envelopes the true meaning of worship; it is an outward expression of the inward changes God has imprinted on his heart.

Yes, even at 4, Jack knows the profound love God has for him, which makes Jack want to boldly proclaim his love for God through worship.

As I was secretly watching Jack in my rearview mirror as he sang one of his songs the other day, I marveled at his joyful ability to just put it out there. He didn't stress over singing the "right" song or singing the song the "right" way. He just knew that he was happy about God and let it flow naturally from his heart.

Watching Jack reminds me to take a step back in my worship. Jack is teaching me to find joy in the simple things that God does for us and to be equally joyful when God does not answer our prayers in the way we may have hoped as we would had God given me exactly what I had prayed for. 

May our worship be as unconditional as God's love is for us.

May we each find our heart in the position to worship at any given time and in any given circumstance like my sweet Jack does with such ease and joy.


  1. Thank you for reminding me of that song!!! I've been going with "this is the day that the Lord has made". Happy to bring "rise and shine" back into the mix!

  2. Hi Kristin,

    It is such a fun song! It will get the whole house going in the morning. : ) Thanks for reading!


  3. "may our worship be as unconditional as God's love is for us" AMEN! This is so precious, thank you for this sweet uplifting encouraging, wise post!

  4. Jack reminds me of my Ethan. I always pray that the LORD would protect and grow his love and heart for worship. Thank you for sharing...

  5. I LOVE that you sing in the morning. It means you're happy.
    I sometimes bust out into "we are one in the spirit, we are one in the Lord..." do you know that song? It is catchy. I remember singing it in church in highschool only was too cool to really sing it then.

  6. "He is not worshipping for attention or for God to give him something in return," what a beautiful and true statement on how kids love God, just love Him with no strings. Thank you for sharing.