missing peace

i've heard it again and again.
even said it myself:

if you have an incredibly busy day, begin with prayer and time in the word.
it's the only way to hold on to your sanity. in nearness to the lord.

i didn't act on that today.
and let. me. tell. you. i paid handsomely for it.

i prayed little quick whispering prayers in the car, at the kitchen sink and in the shower.
i read a bible verse, on twitter.
i didn't work on either bible study that i'm participating in.
i'm pretty sure i never thought about what god might have me do for another person today.

my day was horrible.
i was late to every appointment, uncomfortable in my clothes and i forgot to eat lunch.
then i realized that i forgot to record a big grocery purchase, and our checkbook is a mess.
my son was out of sorts, and i felt helpless to make it better.
the weight of just about everything i can't even control pushed heavy on my heart.
i knew exactly what the problem was.

i sought the lord tonight, asked his forgiveness for barely acknowledging him today.
he knows how badly i need him every moment. i asked him to keep reminding me.
my days should be intentional, filled with praise to him!
i was missing his peace today.
grateful he's given me peace tonight. i will rest well.

my day may have been marked by the same shortcomings and discomfort had i began differently.
the difference would have been peace in the midst.

the lord promises us peace.

you keep him in perfect peace
whose mind is stayed on you,
because he trusts in you.
trust in the lord forever,
for the lord god is an everlasting rock.
{isaiah 26:3-4esv}

we are not promised comfort, wealth, health or success in this world.
in fact, sometimes things may appear to be coming undone.
trust him. he is a rock to be leaned upon. a shelter from this world. a destroyer of sin.
when we are fixed on christ, fastened to his word, we have peace.

jesus is waiting to fill you up with his perfect peace that transcends our comprehension!
don't miss out on another peace-filled day with your creator.
join me in asking him for just that today?

let's start our days off rightly. keep our minds attached to him.
with our backs to the world and our circumstance, and our hearts toward the king!


  1. Ahh love this. A good reminder to pray more when I think that I don't have the time to. That is when I need it the most.

    1. awesome, nessa. and yes, it is exactly when we need it the most! xo

  2. This has truth written up one side and down the other. And can I just say praise the Lord I am not the only person in the world that forgot to write down a major grocery purchase in the checkbook? Yeah, I feel you on that one.

  3. Such a good reminder Hannah. The picture and scripture is really beautiful too.

    1. thanks, noel! one of my fave scriptures! xo

  4. beautiful post, Hannah! Thanks for the reminder/encouragement. I need it. You're so right that we're not promised wealth, health or success. He's the only one who can provide perfect peace!

    1. yes, beth! praise jesus for this WORD! xo

  5. Oh such awesome advice! I just love this.

  6. Thanks for such a GREAT reminder!! Beautifully written :)

    1. thank you, kim! grateful for timely reminders myself:)

  7. Thank you Hannah - you just described my day today. And I knew exactly what was wrong. You summed it up perfectly, and this girl is on her knees!

    1. amen, girl! grateful HE helps us start fresh anytime! love ya, suzanne! xo

  8. oh sweetie, i know exactly what you mean! i can barely stand myself when i'm not actively seeking Him and in His word! if i ever skip a day of my Bible study, i'm miserable...thank you for your honesty and sharing!

  9. thanks for this sweet reminder.
    why is time with God always the first thing to get pushed aside? gah!

  10. that was beautiful and ever so true!!!

    1. thank you, sweet davi! praise jesus! xo