Quiet Time for Kids

School is out and lazy mornings are back. Love the lazy mornings. But I know in my fam, we will need some structure to our days. And we've been needing some fresh ways to start our day off right...with the Lord.

Lately, my own quiet time has been sporadic to say the least. I know that lots of people like to start "fresh" in January or in the "fall." But here's a fresh summer start. Me and my little sprouts are getting back to the basics of morning quiet times.

1. Gather up some supplies.
You probably already  have everything you need. Collect all your Bible story books and put them in a quiet time box. Let them have their own "Bible study workbooks," i.e. Bible coloring books (for the little ones) and activity books for those that can read.


Create a journal for each child...with coloring sheets, writing paper, thankful lists, prayer requests.

Make photo prayer cards to teach your kids how to pray for others.

2. Create a special place. 
There's something about having a special place where you go to meet with Jesus. I usually like the big chair in the corner if I'm doing it before the kids are up. But you can all do it together at the breakfast table, too. Summer is great time to spend the mornings on the back patio.


3. Keep things simple and mix it up.
You may want to read a small portion from a kids devotional each day together. (We especially like this one.)

But remember to keep things simple and short. Don't overly force a certain amount of time. And, it doesn't have to look the same each time and it's better for little ones if it doesn't. They can color in their "Bible study book" one day and look at the Bible picture books another. You don't want this time to be a drudgery. The main focus should be just spending time with the Lord each morning.

4. Let them see YOU having your quiet time.
Remember, they are going to imitate you. While there is definitely something to be said for getting up early and having time with the Lord before your kids are awake, there is also something to be said for letting them see you practicing this disciple of faith. Read something together and then work on things separately. It's ok to tell your child that you need a few quiet moments, too. 


  1. I love your blog! It's so beautiful and the truth of God's Word shines through!! Found you through another blog and so glad that I did!


  2. This is a wonderful post!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Beautifully Rooted. Thank you for so many awesome ideas!

  3. Love this idea, really really great, and clever, thanks for sharing! My daughter is 17 now, but my sister has little ones, so I can pass this along to her:)

  4. Yes...let them see you reading your Bible is what will inspire them the most! Great post!