Jesus First Loved Her- Guest Post

We all know that God used the most unlikely men during biblical time to carry out His purpose.  David, the youngest shepherd son, was a man after God’s own heart.  Joseph, a slave in Egypt, was raised to rule it and bring God’s chosen to prosperity.  Joseph, a mere carpenter, was the earthly father of Christ.  Paul, the chief of sinners and persecutor of the church, was the great apostle and author of most of the New Testament. 
God is great in picking out the lowly and raising them up to serve His purpose,
and ultimately, to bring Him honor and glory.

There is another group of God’s chosen, brought from the pits of filth and despair, to bring forth a King, to represent His Church, to minister to Christ’s earthly needs.  Women.  And not just any women.  The social piranha of women – prostitutes, harlots, demon-possessed, adulteresses - filthy, sinful women!

Now, I’m not on some feminist woman kick here.  But as a woman, I feel like I can understand better their emotional state, their physical state, their spiritual state.  Of course, the place of women in society during biblical times was much different than it is now, but we were all designed the same from the Garden.  When I think on how the social piranhas of those societies, and still remain the piranhas of our societies today, were pulled out of their physical state by the Almighty - the author of grace and peace; the Chooser of life - I am overcome with awe and wonder and humility.  Because I too am defiled – a prostitute, an adulteress, a harlot, given to demon-possessed flesh – yet, I have been chosen.  I have been plucked up out of my filth and mire to stand as a white-washed heir to the throne.  By the blood of Christ, I have been made His sister.  Oh may God forgive me for spitting upon my role as a Princess, and continually fleeing back to my daily harlotry.

Our Fellow Sin-Stained, White-Washed Sisters in Christ…

Rahab – a harlot; the sole survivor (along with her family) of the destruction of Jericho.  Plucked out of her harlotry and grafted into His chosen people.  Mother to King David, ancestor of Christ!

Gomer (Hosea’s wife) – a prostitute; forced out of the filth of her life and chosen by Hosea to be his bride.  Like God’s Holy Church, Gomer returns over and over again to her former profession.  It is more comfortable for her to be among filth, disease, repulsion, and abuse, then to submit to the love and rule of her husband.  We, the Church, return over and over and over again to our former lives.  And Christ lovingly, yet sometimes forcefully, pulls us back to Himself.  If only we would remain as faithful to Him as He remains faithful to us.

Mary Magdalene – demon-possessed; one of the many chosen to receive Jesus’ miracle of freedom from bondage.  Jesus showed His love and acceptance of Mary in numerous ways throughout His short ministry.  He rebuked the Pharisees for condemning Mary when she anointed Jesus with expensive oil.  She cleaned His feet with her tears and her hair. (Scholars believe this “Mary” spoken of in scripture to be Mary Magdalene.)  She revered Christ above all others.  Mary watched Christ die on the cross and she was the first to whom Jesus revealed Himself upon His resurrection.   Others turned their back on The Christ.  She remained faithful to Him.  Mary loved Him and believed Him because Jesus first loved her. 

And there are so many, many more…Leah, Tamar, Ruth, Esther, Bathsheba, Mary…

But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
(Romans 5:8 ESV)

Praise be to God that I am no longer a harlot, an adulteress, possessed by the devil,
but I have been made a Princess in the palace of the King. 

How shall I don my holy garments today - as an heir with Christ, a Princess, or as a harlot?

From the great John Newton:
“I am not what I ought to be, I am not what I want to be, I am not what I hope to be in another world;
but still I am not what I once used to be, and by the grace of God I am what I am.”
“…I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.”
“Amazing grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind but now I see.”


  1. Beautiful and encouraging - thanks Michelle!

  2. Wow! This is great stuff! Thank you for sharing your heart. When I see my wickedness, God has been reminding me that it's all Him, not me. It's not us who ministers but Christ in us. There are so many more that need Him, and this is an encouraging word to keep shining and testifying of His full and fabulous grace!
    HALLELUJAH!!! God bless you and your family :)

  3. Such an amazing encouragement..I, too, am proof of the miracle of Jesus' love..raised in legalism, I forsook all that had to do with Christianity and went worldly wild. Depressed, continually, it still took 10 years for me to learn the truth about Jesus, realize His mercy and become both His friend and His follower..praise Him forever!!!