mothering shaping faith

I have always known that it is pivotal to have my faith shape my mothering.  
However, I'm learning that letting my mothering shape my faith is just as essential. 

While I was pregnant with my 1st son, Luke,  I realized the profound detail of God's creation.
I was in awe of God's perfect design each time I saw my son wiggle
and suck his thumb on the ultrasound screen. It was the first inclination that being a mother
would change EVERYTHING, including my view of God.

While raising Luke, who is on the autism spectrum, God has stretched me to become more open-minded about His creation. He has opened my heart to mother with greater compassion and patience. Yes, this mothering thing significantly stretched my faith as I rely on the only One who can teach me such abilities.

Mothering shaping my faith.

And through all the trials of mothering: sleepless nights, tantrums, health scares, scraped knees,
and day to day struggles of keeping it all together, my children have shaped me to be a woman
who searches after God's will for our family. Tears and all (theirs and mine!).

Mothering shaping my faith.

But, it is not just through the trials of raising children
that my littles have forged my path of greater spiritual growth.

When I catch a glimpse of them playing in nature, I think of the awesomeness of God.

When my Charlie and Jack are brimming with excitement over Luke catching a snake,
I remember to give God credit for exciting moments in our lives.
Even though I am referring to the exciting moments filled with pure joy for them
when a certain mama had to hide in the car to take a photo.

When they share concern about the homeless families in Mexico who have never owned a key to a house,
I pray for that family as Luke and Kevin make a house for them.
Teaching my children compassion, makes my heart more compassionate towards others in need.

Mothering shaping my faith.

As my rambunctious yet sweet boys pray and believe that God will answer their prayers,
my heart is prompted to have more faith that God is listening and will answer my prayers too.

Mothering shaping my faith.

It is through the ever-changing experiences of mothering Luke, Charlie, and Jack that I am motivated to
seek God as earnestly and innocently as they do. It is a lesson of keeping my spiritual intentions
as honest and raw as my children. Yes, being a mother is shaping my faith indeed.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing! The pictures are stunning!

  2. So true. What a blessing it is to be a mom!

  3. indeed indeed indeed...! my daughter is 17 and I can't tell you how much being her mother has shaped my faith and pruned my heart...God has worked big time in our parent/child relationship and faith building for both her and I!

    Love this, and thank you!