Thoughts on Gardening and Growing Right Where You Are

When I look out from my ubiquitous sliding-glass (track home) door, I can practically see into my neighbors' yards. I can hear the music being played in their homes; I can usually smell what's cooking for dinner. I live in suburbia, but my heart thinks it's farmlands out back, bordered by some green hills and bubbling brooks.

But, you must grow where you're planted. 

What we've got, instead of rolling hills, is a rock water feature, a covered arbor, a homemade playset/fort for the boys, and a garden that consumes the majority of our 30ft x 30ft backyard.

Everywhere you turn, something edible is growing in this desert heat.
Out in our suburban jungle, you'll find: beets, rainbow chard, kale, romaine, heirloom tomatoes,
japanese eggplant, butternut squash, acorn squash, zucchini, cucumbers, rhubarb, red cabbage,
brussels sprouts, herbs, white pumpkin, spinach, and various peppers.

I don't garden because I've got a terribly green thumb (I'm learning as I go!),
nor because it's easy to grow things out in the desert (quite the opposite).

I garden for 3 simple reasons:

1) The process of growing is fertile soil for all the life lessons we are trying to teach our boys. Undoubtedly, there are infinite analogies and examples that can be taken from
cultivating deep roots and pulling weeds. 

and delightfully challenging to culinary creativity.

and most importantly,

3) I am making the very most of what the Lord's given me.

Whether your lot in life (or in your backyard!) consists of a small slab of concrete or verdant hills,
what God has given you IS GOOD.

Nothing grows apart from His rainfall.
Nothing thrives without tilling of His hand.
Nothing blooms without His sunlight upon it's face

The toughest circumstances can still be cultivated for fruitfulness.
You can trust Him to provide for all that you need to flourish RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.


  1. I love your backyard!!! It's gorgeous- what a wonderful place to play and work and grow!!!!!

  2. What a beautiful garden! Great work, something to be proud of and thankful for, thank you for sharing God's gift to you with us :)

  3. I have garden envy! Love this post Ruth!

  4. amazing post :)
    I really love it!!

  5. Great post and a beautiful backyard!

  6. That's beautiful. Thank you for sharing and your garden looks amazing.

  7. Beautiful garden, and beautiful reminder....sometimes it's easy to forget that God has placed me right where he wants me, in this season, as this mom, as this wife. And he has goodness in the midst of it if I allow myself to accept his good plan.

    1. Yes...I totally relate to the season of motherhood, and rooting myself in what he has for me in the now.

  8. Such a beauiful place that you've created. I love that you hung that picture on the back wall!

    1. Thanks, Janna! I paint on canvas usually, but decided to make a painting for outdoors...on hardibacker!

  9. amen to flourish where you are planted.
    ps: i love the stump stools.

  10. I love this. I lived in my home for a long time like it was a halfway house of some sort until I could afford "the one" with the acreage and creek and chickens. That was 8 years ago. I have embraced suburbia for the gift of the Almighty that it is. I no longer look at my friends' properties and envy. I have planted food in every nook and cranny and I thank the Lord daily for his infinite blessings on our family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this!

    1. Sounds like we are birds of a feather, Sarah! Thanks for sharing!

  11. i love every little thing about this. we are currently in the middle of tearing up/fixing up our(sorely neglected by previous owners for years + years) backyard so this year we could only do one tiny garden bed but next year i am hoping for so much more. thank you for inspiring me!!