139 Miles - Guest Post

Just a few days ago, I was going through my usual morning routine – sip coffee, read blogs, sip more coffee.

And then I saw this on a friend’s blog:

I pushed my mug aside and allowed the meaning of the picture to sink in.

My morning routine – that’s my comfort zone. Family dinners, backyard bonfires, friends that I've known since our elementary years, the cold spot in between my white duvet and bed sheets... These are things that make life feel light and easy.

Leaving for the University of Illinois last August was the farthest I've strayed from my comfort zone. And I sunk, crying whenever I was alone and missing home more than I ever thought I would.
I fell apart, but God put me back together. It was then, when I was exactly 139 miles from my comfort zone and clinging to the end of my rope, that I found myself growing. I remember going for a run on a chilly October morning, passing lecture halls and Green Street and my sorority house, until I arrived back at my dorm. Perched outside on a bench, I cried once more. But it wasn't depressing sobs; my tears were full of thankfulness and wonder. Because at that very moment, I felt closer to my Savior than ever before.
All it took was a leap outside of my comfort zone, right into the area marked “things that make life worthwhile and interesting.”
One year ago, I probably wouldn't have fully understood the meaning of the picture. Living in a bubble was idyllic, but I rarely faced challenges. Adjusting to a new life in Champaign forced me to rely on God and His provision. Trusting Him was far from facile – but it did make my life more worthwhile and interesting. And for that, I am thankful.


  1. Oh boy, so true and powerful! Thanks for sharing your story. God is so good.

  2. It's so beautiful how He really shows up when we step out of our comfort zone & take risks!

  3. Such a great post! It's so easy to get comfortable in your day to day routine, but as I've found, to truly grow as a person and grow closer to God you need to step into unfamiliar territory. I posted something similar here:

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Keep growing and stretching and reaching and busting out of that comfort zone. And keep writing about it--which will solidify the growth that much more!