5 Things Every Mother Should Know

1. It's okay if they don't brush their teeth. Recently my 10 year old son came home from Summer Bible Camp, and I asked him jokingly, "Did you remember brush your teeth?" He smirked and said, "I think I forgot..." Every day?? He forgot to brush his teeth every day for a week?! Ew. But you know what? He's still alive. And he had an amazing time at camp. A couple of brushings at home, and he's good as new.

2. Always have wet wipes in the glove box of your car. They will save you from many messes. They came in very handy when our kids were babies, and would land in the mud or have sudden diaper explosions. But now they're all big, and we still use them several times a week when I look in my rear view mirror and see jelly smeared in an eyebrow, dirty knees, or a koolaid mustache.

3. You know best. God gave your children the perfect mother for them. No one else in the world could do a better job with your kids than you. Despite what the experts say, you know best. Listen to those instincts God has given you. They're there.

4. Relax. In the big scheme of things, not much of it matters. Are they clothed? yes. Are they fed? yes. Do they have a bed? yes. Are they loved? yes. Do you talk about God and pray with them? yes. Then relax. You're doing a great job.

5. They're only little for a short time. We've all heard it. But it's true. If they take longer to potty train than the books and other moms think they should, oh well. Not many kids go into kindergarten wearing diapers. If they still crawl into your bed in the night, oh well. You won't find many 25 year olds doing that. If they suck their thumb at 9 years old, oh well. They'll still be a perfectly functioning member of society someday. Let them splash in rain puddles. Join them! Soon enough, they'll be off doing their own things, and you'll look at rain puddles with bittersweet memories.

Motherhood is a season, and as all seasons, it will pass. Savor it while it's here.



  1. Good advice! I'm only 6 months into this whole mothering-thing...but I can already see that it's going to go quickly. Lately, I've spent a lot of time thinking about where I was 6 years ago (graduating college...and that doesn't really seem that long ago) and pondering where I'll be in 6 years from now (I'll have a first grader...and perhaps siblings for that first grader too...what?!). It helps me see that this season is limited.

  2. My girl is 17 now, but I agree with all of these! Good post Beki!!

  3. I am three months away from meeting my first baby and so appreciate all that you shared here. Working on relaxing over here and enjoying each day!

  4. Beautifully written and so, so true. Thank you for the reminder!

  5. As always, you delivered, Beki. Love you. And I love these 5 words of motherly wisdom. I'm finding myself getting anxious already about Gracie leaving the nest,and she's 9.

  6. Beki, way to go! This has also become my parenting philosophy. After a lifetime of perfectionism, God gave me four boys, two with ASD, one with ADHD. There is no time and little sanity left to sweat the small stuff! ;)