at home

The open windows flip my loose curls all around my face, crazy and wildly whipping in the wind. At sixty five miles an hour on the highway towards home fatigue turns to emotional introspection. The comforting smell of juniper fills the van as we edge closer to our side of the mountain, closer to home. And all at once it seems odd that I am longing for home, the physical place, when I have just spent a week feeling at home as I walk out my destiny here on earth.

Because when we are walking in that thing that God made us to do we are always at home, no matter where we travel.

I had just finished a week at summer camp with the most fabulous bunch of middle school kids around. We entered the wilderness and were met by God and walked in the midst of the holy and the sacred as he met us  near the lake.

I was at home right where God had placed me, and the joy overflowed into hot, wet tears on my cheeks. I thought of the numerous times during the week where I had to stop and catch my breath over what God was doing and the amazing fact that I got to witness it. Overflowing joy, in the middle of smelly kids, dirty with sweat and mud, and possibly remnants of last nights burgers.

It seems an odd thing to find peace in such an exhausting and demanding place. But really, I guess when we are doing that unique thing that God calls us to do there is peace and joy no matter where that takes us. It was once said that God doesn't need much of a man if he has all of a man. And when we give him our all he can do mighty things. When we embrace that unique thing he meant for us to do, I believe his power becomes unstoppable in our lives. I know it because in the real world, away from that camp on the hill, I could never function with five hours of sleep. I know it because on any other day the antics of middle school kids can (sometimes) wear me thin. But this week is sacred and I experience God giving me the grace and strength to do what he wants me to do. What he's created me to do.

When we are smack dab in the will of God we can't help but be at home.

When we are walking out our God given destiny we experience joy and peace. That doesn't mean it's easy or effortless. But it does mean that there is a deep sense of satisfaction and peace in the middle of it.

I know that not everyone is destined to pour their lives into teenagers. Maybe your destiny is a little different, as a teacher, a mother, a wife, an artist, a checkbook balancer, a get the idea. The point in life is to find that one thing and give it your all, give God your all in it.

Sometimes we run from that unique thing because of fear. Uncertainty, lack of faith, self doubt, and insecurity can abort the dreams God implanted in us. But when we walk boldly into that scary thing he made for us something amazing happens, he answers our doubt with his peace. God's strength meets our uncertainties, faith grows as we experience God meeting us.

What are your dreams, what is your destiny? Perhaps that thing that makes your heart beat faster and your eyes well with tears is that thing that God formed you to do.

And the amazing thing is that whatever that is, God wants to use it.

"I form you and use you to reconnect the people with me." Isaiah 49:8 The Message, emphasis added

Whatever it is that God made for you to do is not just for you. It is draw others to him, to reconnect his lost children back towards home and their spiritual destinies in God. 

Maybe fatigue makes me a bit more introspective than I normally would be, but I just can't escape the thought that I have the ability to make an impact if I'm doing what God has willed me to do. This life is not anything like I imagined it would be, but I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that makes it joy filled. 

It's what God want of all his children, not too much-just all of us. Will you give him that all?


  1. Absolutely, love this post! Praise God for your willingness to enter the unknown and to find joy and peace in His will for your life. Thank you for sharing!
    I blogged something similar just the other day, if you have a chance please take a look:

    1. Yes, I love your post. Especially the verse from Phillipians, that is one I repeat often for myself!

  2. Thank you so much for this! I love what you said here: But really, I guess when we are doing that unique thing that God calls us to do there is peace and joy no matter where that takes us.