Ice Cream Sundae Kit :: Simple Hospitality

I don't really consider myself a natural at hospitality. Being an introvert on the most extreme end of the scale along with my job as a Mom to four very young children makes the idea of freely inviting friends and neighbors in on short notice exhausting to think about. Now don't get me wrong I love crafts and baking and decorating and throwing a well planned and executed party but hospitality, well that's another story.

We discussed the topic at my MOPS group this past year, the idea of being hospitable even when we are uncomfortable or tired or unprepared. The Bible tells us to open our home and serve without complaint and to use our gifts freely:

Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. 
1 Peter 4:9-10

My husband is on the other end of the spectrum being an extreme extrovert he loves inviting people in on short, unexpected notice. It has been hard on our marriage at times for us to come to an agreement on how our family makes decisions on spending our time. I usually win out because I am the one running our home and so we miss out on opportunities to serve others and I so often wish that I was better and being more flexible and relaxed with the idea of inviting people in.

One of the women in the MOPS group suggested having a "tea box" stashed in the cupboard for those moments when someone pops by unannounced so that all you have to do is put the kettle on and open the box of goodies making an instant and easy spur of the moment visit less stressful and more about fellowship. That idea resonated with me in a big way. Part of the reason I get so nervous when things are unexpected is that feeling of being unprepared it makes me sweat and stress...and want to run and hide frankly :).

And so I decided to take that idea and turn it into a few hospitality kits that I can have on hand for when the moment strikes and I need something fun and easy to pull out and serve neighbors and friends. This first one is an ice cream sundae kit we put together as a family, all you do is add ice cream and it is an instant party! Here is what we did:

First we went to the store as a family. I picked up a dozen small canning jars and then we had fun picking and choosing our most favorite toppings for our kit. We also grabbed some hot fudge and caramel and some cherries for on top.

Then we went home and filled the jars with all the yummy things we bought. Crushed cookies and peanuts, marshmallows and gummy bears. It was super fun sampling everything too! Next I made a simple menu of all of the things we had put in the jars and bought for the kit. I printed it out and put it on a clip board to stash with the goodies along with a few cute trays for displaying the jars. Then I found a small carton and bag to store everything in the pantry.

This past weekend we had a chance to pull out our kit and bring it along for an impromptu BBQ. It was an instant party everyone crowding around oohing at ahhing as we open the jars and set them out on the trays. Honestly it was so easy and such a gift to share a big bowl of yummy ice cream with friends no stress involved I am actually looking forward to having a spur of the moment chance to use it again!

So do you consider yourself a natural at hospitality or do you have to work at it like me? Feel free to leave any ideas or tips in the comment section I would love it!


  1. i have to work at it. and pray for it! i love this idea and the jars make it look so amazing. thanks, sweet gal!

  2. I love this idea! I am not a natural hostess. I've been learning that going "simpler" works much better for me.

  3. This is so great! I also have to work at it as I am to much of a perfectionist. My husband is more of a introvert to so it makes impromptu gatherings not happen very much and I want to open my home up more to people. Thanks so uch for the tips and encouragement.

  4. This is genius I'm going to do this!

  5. My husband and I are 100% like you guys. I'm fine with being home for the rest of my life :) he on the other hand loves having people around constantly. Like you, it has caused little arguments pop up in our marriage.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!!! Definitely going to do it!

  6. What an awesome idea! I used to consider myself a huge extrovert, but after kids, I feel myself leaning more and more toward introvert. The idea of people just coming over makes me nervous - and this idea is a HUGE help! Thank you for sharing this cute idea!

  7. Such a great idea!! I am not good with surprise visits, but love entertaining when I have time to plan it. Thanks for sharing these sweet tips! xo Heather

  8. this is such a great idea.
    the Lord has been really working on me in the hospitality area.
    thank you so much for the great inspiration!
    my hubby and i sound so much like you guys. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing that scripture to hear Gods word encouraging us to serve one are an amazing hostess rebekah!

  10. I agree with Jenny--you are a gracious and generous hostess, Rebekah! I love this idea, and I hope you will share your other "kit" ideas as you develop them. Thank you to for sharing the verses from 1 Peter 4; I am so thankful for God's word, and the knowledge that He will give us all we need to live into this calling!

  11. So fun! I'm going to start a few boxes of my own!

  12. This is such a fantastic idea!!! :) :)

  13. I SO relate to you. The idea of unexpected guests freaks me out. Not only is my house never as clean as I'd like, but I'm just not good at thinking up treats to share. I love this idea and how you've captured a way to be hospitable on short notice. I might just have to steal this idea. If I ever find some spare time. And some spare pantry space. ;)

  14. Hospitality is one of my top spiritual gifts, but I am also an introvert and not all that good at planning parties. This is a great idea. I think I'm going to have to brainstorm some other kits, too!

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