Little Light Prints- Feature

We're thrilled to share our beautiful feature sponsor with you today.



Carly spends most of her day building with legos, digging in dirt, and picking up play dough from the floor.  Naptime is when she works on new designs, eats ice cream, listens to Fleetwood Mac, and drinks her 4th cup of coffee. Carly loves being able to bring a little bit of happiness to homes with her prints.

This Little Light of Mine print

Print for Daisy Love- Proverbs 31:25

Fruit of the Spirit print

Narwhal Family print

Bind My Wandering Heart print

Carly is offering Beautifully Rooted readers 15% off through August 24th with the code: ROOTED15.  Visit Carly's blog and shop, Little Light Prints, today.