Take the vision and RUN...

I've always been a visionary.
A fresh word or vision from the Lord to me is sweeter than anything this world.

I've been a dreamer as long as I can remember,
and now that I have a husband and kids to journey this life with,
my prayers for a fresh vision from HIM include them as well.
There really isn't anything in the world like a FRESH off of the pages,
from the Holy Spirit call/vision/direction from the One who calls me HIS.

My heart melts, my eyes redirect, my ears are freshly tuned
and often my steps redirected to follow more closely the One I love.

Sometimes, that God-dreamed thought involves redirection...an altering of my course.

Sometimes that alteration means letting go of old dreams
so I can more fully grasp on with both hands to a new dream...HIS dream.

And sometimes following a fresh vision from the Lord
even means running as fast as I can in a new way altogether. 
And if that's what it takes, then running is what I'll do...
No looking back.

Because sometimes looking back means I still have one hand on my old dream
while trying to move toward the new one at the same time...

But that's not the way I want to respond to the One I love.
No...I want to run toward the way everlasting, seeking first His kingdom.

For our family in this season, the fresh vision God has given includes
homeschooling for the first time this year.
Two teachers with five degrees between them, called to educate their own.
Since we've decided to answer this call,
I've had several conversations with friends about details of their lives...
and the question that we always end with is, "What vision does God have for your family?" 
Loving Him and loving others looks unique based on the context each of us lives in.

Jesus said it best...
Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness
and all these things will be added to you as well.  - Matthew 6:33

In seeking Him, I have found answers to even the smallest of questions.
And it's interesting how my original aim seems to fade...I begin to see the whole world in His hands
instead of just my world in my hands...and I gain an overwhelming assurance that whatever happens,
as long as He gets the glory He is due, it's going to be okay.  
More than okay...perfect.
Every time.

I wonder where you're running today?
When was the last time you prayed for a fresh vision from the Lord?
If you ask, be prepared to hear from Him...
And then I pray, for the sake of His kingdom, His glory and those He loves around you, 
that you RUN straight toward whatever it is He's called you to.
There isn't any better adventure in the world than that.


  1. I love this! Thank you for the encouragement this morning!

  2. Cute little children, oh my goodness as a grandma I just love it. Your words are wonderful too.

  3. This is *so* right on target...beautiful, beautiful TRUTH!
    i'm a home schooling mama to six littles, going on my seventh year...we LOVE it!
    "All your children will be taught by the Lord & GREAT will be the PEACE of your children"
    Isaiah 54:13

  4. Beautiful. A great reminder to "run toward the Way"

  5. I love this! And having been there, homeschooling at the Lord's direction is the best way to do it. Running with God's vision is the best way to live life, even when it takes you to a new place. Blessings to you as you embark on this new journey, I pray God continues to meet you every step of the way!