The Tragedy of the Forgetful Heart - Guest Post

The light in my closet had been out since the day my husband & I moved into our first apartment. For a good month and a half, there was a steady decline of all organization as I'd go searching for a missing shoe in the dark and end up tossing things left and right. It was a mess.
A week or so ago my husband replaced the light bulb, and for the first time, I realized how much a light helps when digging through the rubble! It was silly how revolutionary the little light was.
This morning while on a hunt for a lost flip flop, I found myself down on my knees digging frantically in the dark when it hit me.

Turn on the light!

I was so used to the darkness I forgot there was another way. 
If it's not a deliberate wandering, how does this happen?
Oftentimes it's simply a forgetful heart. It's truly a tragedy.
in the same way we set alarms on our phones, sticky notes our the doors, and ask others to remind us of important occasions, may we place reminders everywhere.

Looking back I realized that all week I had continued in the dark, even though it was a simple flip of the switch to have a well-list closet!
When I flipped on the switch, my heart felt a tug.
So often our own forgetfulness keeps us from the good life-- the life illuminated by truth. Most of the time, I don't defiantly walk in darkness or seek out darkness to be rebellious. Yet, I still fall into darkness-- into seasons of self-doubt, insecurity, anxiety, & I wander from a close, growing relationship with Christ. 
Satan knows how we stumble; he knows my weaknesses. I'm not likely to fall prey to another belief system, but he knows I can be distracted. I can be distracted by friendships, by falling in love, & ambitions. He knows I can be distracted by good things. He knows that eventually I can get so used to the darkness I don't even realize I'm in the dark. 
He knows that I can forget that my whole worth & value comes only from Christ. He knows that I will forget all praise belongs to God when I get focused on myself. He knows that when darkness is the norm, I forget that there is Light that brings clarity to self, perspective to trials, and a passion for Christ & others.
It's silly for me to continue digging around my closet in the dark, but it's a tragedy for me to forget that my life is not mine to live. 
My prayer is that I get frustrated in the darkness & long for the light when I grow complacent. 
We're forgetful.  May we be intentional about remembering.


  1. this is so true. sometimes i get in a rut of being a particular way and don't realize i'm not on the path god would have for me. often it's a friend or even my children that [flip the switch] and i am reminded of who i belong to and that he has great plans for my life.

  2. I love how God uses every day things to teach us his truths, and I love that physical reminder. Flip the switch, turn on the light!

    Thank you for sharing this!