After a Storm

after a storm

we woke to thunder that morning in may.
rain drumming against the windows and a gray sky
full of dancing trees met my sleepy no-glasses-on blurred vision.

and i smiled.
morning storms are my favorite.
one of the few occasions i will eagerly wake early.
to listen and to watch.

but the reality is i can enjoy these so much because i know i am safe.
these walls are strong enough to withstand the wind.
the roof and windows are watertight.
i observe the storm from the comfort of my bed or couch.

life's storms are not so pleasant.
stuck in the downpour.
 it is uncomfortable and exhausting.
there is pain and sadness and disappointment. 
i sometimes forget that i am still safe.

i have a Rock sturdier than these earthly walls and He is strong enough to command the wind.

the potager was pummeled by that morning's storm.
i cringed to see the tender seedlings bent to nearly breaking.
there was damage to repair and a mess to clean.
there were even some casualties and loss.
but after. . .
after a storm there is also beauty.
the brighter leaves and the stronger stems and the watered roots and the scrubbed air.
these plants survived and will now be the healthier for it. 

after a storm

our family entered one of life's storms just days later.
unemployment and job searching and uncertainty.
house selling and saying goodbye and moving cross country.
loneliness and tears and homesickness. 

but we were reminded again and again that He would see us through.
His grace was enough during.
it would be enough after.

the months have passed and this storm is finally dying down.  
the wind blows softer and the skies are spitting out the last of the rain.
we are emerging from the Shelter and tiptoeing out in the open air.
 time to take stock of the damage and mess and loss.

but there is also beauty and i am ready to find it.

after a storm


  1. I can relate on so many levels. My husband has been unemployed off an on for over three years. We had to sell the home we lived in and raised our four kids in two years ago. I am so thankful that beauty appears in the midst of the storms!

    1. oh barbie, my heart is with you. the unemployment is tough on its own, but selling our house was incredibly challenging and i haven't quite finished working through the deep emotions of losing that home. my prayer is that you will continue to find beauty in whatever season - stormy or not - that you find yourself in. xoxo

  2. Annalea, thank you for sharing this beautiful post. My husband has been unemployed for 18 months. How wonderful to find beauty in the storm and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. you are so welcome, kate. i pray that your family will feel His grace and love even when the light is not bright enough to steer through the tunnel. and thank you for your work here at beautifully rooted! xoxo

  3. beautiful post :) love reading your blog and reading your heart today
    thanks for sharing!

    1. thank you! sharing my story is sometimes all i can offer, but as long as His glory is my goal, i think it is enough. prayers for you this morning. xoxo

  4. this was such a beautiful, real, God-glorifying post. blessings to you hart family.

  5. I am clinging to these words: but we were reminded again and again that He would see us through.
    His grace was enough during. it would be enough after. I too am in the clean up stage of a major storm! I too believe that once I"m doing cleaning up, my life will be better then it was before :)

    1. praying you remember His grace and see His beauty, kim. xoxo