Bible Study- Mercy Triumphs

Today, we are kicking off Beautifully Rooted's first bible study, James by Beth Moore.

Hopefully you have your workbook by now. If you haven't had a chance to look over the book or at least the introduction, now is the time. Beth discusses the different levels of participation in the first video session but I'll go over them briefly here. If you have gone through a Beth Moore study before you'll know that this is new. I believe this is the first time there's the option to write out the whole book in the Bible that the study is on. There's also additional articles that are written by Beth's daughter which give insight to the historical and cultural background of the Jewish community at that time. Then there's what I personally think of as more of a dare- to memorize the whole book of James.

A woman in my home church had memorized the first chapter when she spoke on how it's changed her thinking. She said the words of James are constantly running through her mind, it's all she thinks about. Isn't this exactly what it means to have the word of God written on our heart?

The first time I went through this study I had intended to go to level four and I'll be honest, I slowly slipped to level 2. I want to go deeper this time around. I'm not promising to memorize the whole book but God knows I need the words of James to consume my thoughts!

Have you decided what level you'll participate at? I guess we could add an unofficial 6th level which would be sharing and discussing with the Beautifully Rooted community;)

Well ladies, now is the time to dig in!

-You'll want to start with the audio or video SESSION 1. There is a bonus session but I have not seen it nor is there information on it in the workbook (or did I miss it). So we'll watch/listen session 1 which covers pages 12 &13.
-Then this week we'll go through week one of the homework (pages 15-39).
-When we meet back here again next Sunday you'll find a post written by one of our Beautifully Rooted contributors, sharing a summary of the week's work and how it's working in her own life.  Then, through the comments, we'll discuss and share the homework
-We'll also be including a linky party, so that those of you with blogs can link up your own reviews/thoughts/feelings of week one's journey.  This will be a great way to connect with each other and delve into the study in more depth.

We want to encourage you to share as you work through each week's work too, so anytime you want to post something to Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook just include the hash tag #berooted.  This will serve as another great way that we can connect with one another.

If you have any questions or are confused about something please let us know! Also, if you are wanting to go through the study with us but feel its too late, its not! Go get the workbook and join us please!

I can't wait to see what the Lord does in our lives through this study.


  1. I got the book and I have listened to first session. I am excited to get started on my frist week of learning. I plan try and complete 4 levels of learning but we will see. I have completed and grown so much with Beth Moore bible studies over the years. Get Ready Ladies because the devil will attack! Stay Strong you can do it! You will Grow and Learn more than you ever thought possible. Wow this one has already hit in the big middle of my gut so I know God wants me here! I welcome the opportunity to have my blog "linkyed" here. I am new to blogging and just beginning my journey of foster care. I am blessed with a 24 year old daughter and a wonderful husband of 22 years. I do not have twitter or facebook connected to this foster care email or blog but please know you can reach me on my gmail email or my blog. Here is the link

    1. We're excited to get started too Kayla!
      Thank you for the words of encouragement.
      We'll see you back here next Sunday.

  2. Excited to get started. Just drooped my son off for his first day of preschool, downloaded the App to my iPhone and I'm ready to go.

    1. I heard you can do the whole study with her app! Is that true? That's really awesome.

  3. Can't wait to dig in once the kids are at school tomorrow! I see myself at level 4...but I love Beth's encouragement to "do what blesses and now what burdens." I pray that God will show himself to us as dig deeper though this study.