My Little Secret

Sometimes I think of it as my little secret.
Knowing the way God has worked in my family's life, when so many others simply can't fathom it.

They'll ask me, "How can you believe in God after He took your son away?"
That's not the God I know, though.  The God I know is a giving God.
God gave our family a beautiful child.  God gave us time to hold, bond, love, and care for him. 
God gave us caregivers that cared for us as much as they cared for our son.  God gave us wisdom
to seek guidance through our grief walk.  God gave us new eyes to see the world with. 
God gave us hope for the future.  God gave us new hearts full of compassion. 
God gave us lives filled with joy again.

God gave us the gift of eternal life.

The God I know is a giving and loving God, even when He takes away.
 So, when they ask I always answer the same way, "How could I not believe in Him?"

For the LORD is good and his love endures forever;
his faithfulness continues through all generations.  Psalm 100:5


  1. I am so glad He was there to hold your family. Sometimes the hardest times are when are faith is built up the most!

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  2. Beautiful perspective! Praise God for His testimony in the life of your family. Thank you for sharing the truth about God's love, grace, and gifts!

  3. Sweet Heather. Thank you for sharing. SO many need this today, I know.

  4. Yes, how could we not believe? God Bless you Heather for are sharing your heart so transparently.

  5. The God I know is a loving God, even when he takes away. Amen. Reading that sentence takes my breath away. Thank you for sharing!