last month, i read through the book of hebrews.. 
i have to say, the very beginning was fresh to me. like reading it for the first time. 
such a blessing when that happens, yes?
i was especially moved with verses three and four of the first chapter.

too often lately i've been minimizing god's power and glory.
his forgiveness
his mercy
his grace
his wisdom
the god-man, jesus christ. he is power. he is glory.

my finite mind simply cannot fully comprehend the magnitude of his majesty and greatness.
yet, i try to fit him into my thoughts, as if i could make sense of his ways for my life.
nothing we face, no hardship, no temptation, no loss...is beyond him.
he can comfort any disappointment, forgive any sin and heal every hurt of our hearts.

i want to choose to see his radiant glory, and not peer at my life through the dim light of my own will.
to trust his might and purpose. i want to live like i believe he is who he claims to be.

my god.
my savior.
my hope.
my power.


  1. Thank you, Hannah. Sometimes we need a different perspective in order to fully appreciate what should be obvious to us. I don't want to take Him or His power for granted.

    1. amen, renee! don't want to take it for granted! xo

  2. Amen girl! His Word is awesome.

  3. nothing... is beyond Him. so good. so True. there's so much hope and peace in that reality. love this girl.

    1. peaceful and terrifying all at once! beautiful lord! xo

  4. beautiful post hannah.
    walk in pure joy, my friend, knowing that he's got everything under control (every last detail).

    1. amen, flor. he is good and fully in control! xo