Babies do this thing called rooting.
I think it's sorta weird. 
And I have no idea how the term "rooting" came about.
If you know me, you know I have two kids.
And each time I've just been so caught off guard by the whole rooting thing.
I am also caught off guard by how much my children constantly teach me about the Lord.

I just had a baby girl 4 months ago.
So I'm starting all over and it's crazy how much you forget even after just 2 years.
And when Cammie Jane is hungry, I mean, she is hungry.
And when she was a little baby, she would start to fuss and suck on anything in front of her.
My shoulder, her fist, sometimes even the air.
Every time, it sorta catches me off guard and I laugh.
Regardless if I'm nursing or giving a bottle, Cammie just kind of searches for what will feed her.
She just can't seem to understand that the milk is inches from her face.
And she just wants anything to fill her tummy.
She gets frustrated when she realizes that the air is just simply not going to satisfy her.
The only thing that will meet her needs is milk.

Here's the deal. I root too.
I do it all the time.
Maybe not for food. 
(although, I wouldn't put it past myself.)
But for something that will satisfy my soul.
I do it with the Lord and what he offers me.
See, I know Cammie Jane knows that milk is what is going to make her stop being hungry.
Or else she wouldn't go sucking everything around her when she wants food, right?
And I know that God is the only thing that's going to fill me - the only thing that will meet every need.
But so often when it's not instantly - I start scrambling.
I start "rooting" so to speak - for the next best thing.
It's like I want something to just satisfy me right then and there so I don't have to put the work in.

When Cammie Jane roots and sucks the air - I mean, how crazy does she look, right?
I want to say, "Cammie. Girl. Stop worrying. Stop looking everywhere else and look right in front of you. 
The milk is RIGHT HERE, girl."
And I feel like when I'm just running around grabbing anything I can to momentarily meet my needs,
God is sitting there saying, "Katygirl. You know I provide everything you need. 
You know my love is the only thing that can satisfy. 
Why do you go elsewhere?"

Listen. It takes work. It takes patience. It takes prayer and faithfulness.
But you know what? We don't have to go anywhere else.
We don't have to search everywhere for what is going to fill us.
He is right there. Right in front of us.

Crazy what babies can teach us.


  1. great reminder! great post katy! so proud of you!

  2. SOOOOO well said. Love this. A lot.

  3. Oh wow I just loved this post! I can totally see myself doing that with God when the answer is right in front of me. Over & over :P Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  4. oh yes, beautiful baby, great analogy.

  5. just read this.
    and it makes so much sense.
    con. vict. ing.

    and a good reminder to keep right in front of my eyes today and every day.