Fairy Costume 101: The Flower Crown

 Welcome to Fairy Costume 101, a series to help you delight your favorite girl with a few flowery props
and let her imagination take flight.  I'll be breaking up a DIY fairy costume in three basic parts: a crown,
a wand, and wings.  Although this month is costume oriented here in the U.S., these provide
year round dress-up opportunities.  In fact, I think my kiddos wear costumes more often than not.

Today I will show you the basics of making a felt flower crown.  Because this portion sets the stage
for the entire costume and can take a bit of time, I suggest beginning here. 

Materials used:
felt of assorted colors and sizes
ribbon and fabric strips of assorted colors and sizes
scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat
needle and thread
masking tape
glue gun

I keep jars filled with crafty scraps and I love finding new ways to transform them into something beautiful.
This is a great project for using up that stash.  I pulled out all sorts of felt, ribbon, and fabric
and began to sort colors and get inspired.  My crown is full of purples, mustard yellow, bright red,
white and olive-y green flowers, with a pale spring green leaf.
I chose two different methods for flower making. 

To make the mums, you begin with a long rectangle of felt.  Fold in half and cut fringe through the fold.
Then simple roll the strip, using a bit of hot glue every few turns to hold it together.
You can vary the size of your felt for different size flowers.  My favorites (the olive color) ended up
being made from a 1.5"x9" rectangle.  This gives a nice full mum that is still petite enough for the crown.

To make the petaled flowers, cut flat bottomed arch shapes from the felt with either pointed or rounded tops.  Use your threaded needle along the bottoms of your petals in a running stitch.
I fold the petal in half and poke the needle though both sides at once.  When all of the petals are
on the thread, pull tight.  Run the needle through the first petal once again to secure and tie a knot.

If you are using wider petals (more than .5"), you may want to run each through
with the needle multiple times.  Above you can see how I did just that.

I also cut out tiny felt circles (no need to be perfect) and glued them to the center of the petaled flowers.
This provided a bit of color contrast.

If you'd like to add roses to your crown, see this tutorial.

Determine the length of your ribbon for the crown base.  I used a yard of sturdy grosgrain and taped off
10 inches at the ends.  This gave room to tie up the crown and add additional ribbons and fabric.

As you complete flowers, you can begin arranging them along your ribbon.
I made an odd number of each type, including three larger flowers with 2 inch petals for the front.
Once the ribbon is full, gently slide it out from under the flowers.  Starting in the middle,
begin gluing down the back center of each flower to the ribbon.  A glue gun is your best friend. . .
and worst enemy.  I have the burn marks on my finger tips to prove it.
But it also adheres the felt super tight.  You can always go back and add more flowers
and even some leaves to fill in gaps at the end.

To finish the crown, tie the ribbon around your sweetie's head.  I made this loose enough to pull
on and off for easy dress-up fun.  Knot ribbons and/or fabric strips of different lengths to the grosgrain. 

How darling is she?

Stay tuned for the rest of Fairy Costume 101 next week!

Fairy Tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.
 G.K. Chesterton


  1. Love it! That floral crown is to die for!

  2. this is soooo adorable!
    great job!
    also, your daughter is just precious.

  3. Seriously gorgeous work here Mama - and what a beautiful little fairy too! Can't wait to see the next parts! xo

  4. This is so cute! You did a beyond amazing job with that felt headband! :)

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  5. Absolutely beautiful! I'm wondering about the glue gun...could the flowers be stitched onto the ribbon instead? We have some headbands that are made with ribbon, & the hot glue doesn't seem to be holding up...

  6. Oh my goodness - this crown is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen… xo

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE it- the most beautiful flower crown I've seen! And Miss Gia is just darling...

  8. Hello! I wanted to let you know that your post has been featured at Spoonful, please email me if you can at mamitalksblog (AT) gmail (DOT) com so I can give you the link, thank you!!

  9. Hi Annalea,

    I have followed your blog for some time, from back when it was Annalea Hart. Silently observing, smiling at the coincidence that we both have little Luca's, loving your gorgeous home, admiring your beautiful crafts. I found it intriging and amusing that we seemed to share a similar aesthetic ,a love of vintage and thrifting, and choice in children's names! I saw an image of this fairy flower crown on pinterest and it caught my breath. How very beautiful. I had to see the site that this lovely creation was from. And how delighted I was to see that it was made by you. It is lovely indeed.

  10. Guau!!!! I love it!!!!! thank you for the tutorial!!!