Fairy Costume 101: The Flower Wand

Are you ready for part two of Fairy Costume 101?  Last week we began with an oh so sweet
Flower Crown.  Today I will be sharing a coordinating Flower Wand also made with felt-y goodness. 

Both pieces can stand alone, but they make quite a statement together.  This pair says,
"I can transform an everyday play dress and leggings into fancy princess attire."

Materials used:
felt of assorted colors and sizes
scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat
needle and thread
dowel rod
glue gun
ribbon and fabric strips of assorted colors and sizes

This wand is anchored by an extra large flower with 2"x3" petals.
See the Flower Crown post for detail on how to make petaled flowers.

I want to add that when you pull the thread tight to form the flower, it will kind of look like a mess
(as shown on the left).  Don't worry about it.  Once your knot is secure, you can tuck, fold,
and arrange the petals as needed (as shown on the right).

When the flower is complete, secure it to the dowel rod.  Picturing the flinging and waving
it would soon undergo by a certain 5yo, I chose to give extra stability to my wand with thread.
(My dowel rod was pre-drilled, but you could make a hole with a tiny drill bit if you'd like to do the same.)
Hot glue was also generously added underneath.
I cut and glued a rectangle of matching felt to cover the mess.  

After making and gluing atop a few more felt flower layers, it is time to add the trailing ribbons and fabric strips.
I laid out my pieces and secured them to the front of dowel rod with hot glue,
right against the extra large flower.  Then I simply tied all of it together in one knot,
adding hot glue underneath to secure.

There you have it.  A Flower Wand fit for any imagination. 

Flower Power!
I believe she was attempting to turn me into a giant.  Or maybe grow something in our barren backyard.

Also, ribbon-y wands are good for dancing.

Come back this Thursday for the final installment of Fairy Costume 101.  
I am sharing a DIY for quick and easy wings!