Fairy Costume 101: The Gauzy Wings

Today we finish up our three part Fairy Costume 101 series
with a DIY for quick and easy Gauzy Wings.

Materials used:
  2 wire hangers
masking tape
2 yards of cheesecloth or any other gauzy material (about 36-40" wide)
2 long ribbons or fabric strips (24"-36" each)

Begin by wrapping the masking tape around both hangers.  This not only softens the wire
but also helps manipulate the shape more easily.  Once the hangers are fully wrapped,
you can pull and push each into a wing shape.  Straighten the hooks and wind them around
the other wing as pictured above in the bottom left. Then wrap additional masking tape around to secure.

Cut your material in two separate yards.  Fold one yard in half lengthwise and slide a wing into the pocket
so the tip rests against the fold.  Gather in pleats on the front, then hold this bunch tightly while you
turn over the wing and gather the back.  This leaves you with two bunches of materials as in the above photo, bottom left.  Then you wrap each bunch in opposite directions around the center of the wings.
When they meet in the back, tie together.  Repeat with the other wing.

Okay, that is a little tricky to describe.  If it doesn't look right, 
you can play around with the gathering, pleating, and wrapping until it does.  
I retied my first wing 3 times, 
but then the second wing came together immediately.  
the following photo for a better look.

This is what I call the back view or the side that will rest on her back.
We have only one step left to finish the wings off!

To add the ribbon ties, simply lay both strips over the center back of the wings.  Secure to the wings
by knotting the top two bunches of loose gauzy material together over the strips.

The ribbon ties are wrapped around her shoulders and tied together in the back.  I kept these loose
enough that she can slip her arms in and out on her own, without always needing my help for dress up.

Above you have finished views of both the back and front.

I love the scrappy ends hanging off the wings.  The ribbon ties were purposefully a neutral color
to blend in with the wing material, but they have a printed flower pattern
and are a slightly darker color to add texture and interest.

You'll also notice I used some of my gauzy cheesecloth torn in strips in both the crown and wand.
This helps tie the three parts of the costume together.

This Fairy Costume looks adorable worn over everyday play clothes.
My daughter has ideas of pairing them with her thrifted party dresses (think lots of tulle!),
but I also think they would be super sweet with a leotard, tights, and tutu.

Thanks for joining us for Fairy Costume 101!
I hope you were inspired and perhaps learned something new.

It just makes my mama-heart happy to see these littles stretching their God given imaginations.

You can find parts one and two of Fairy Costume 101 here:
Flower Crown
Flower Wand


  1. Totally inspired! Thank you so much for sharing!

    I get discouraged sometimes when the only option for girl costumes is too pink princess or too short (in my opinion) fairy costumes... Your costume also doesn't limit imagination (you know, when I wear this costume I am this person) they could be anything in these pieces (a woodland fairy, an angel, a fairy godmother, goldilocks, etc)

    This is such a lovely addition to our tickle trunk.. and was so much fun to make!

    Please, share more!

  2. Love this homemade costume and your blog!
    I am your newest follower! Follow me back too?

  3. OMG I love this! You did a great job!

  4. So precious, Annalea!! Her hair looks so pretty in these pictures too! Well done, mama :)