her story: the woman at the well.

photo by Kinsey Mhire

"Then the woman left her water jar and went back to town. 
She said to the people, 'Come and see a man who told me everything I ever did.'"

- John 4:28, 29

It was hot, and I was so tired – from the sun, yes, but also from just being me. 

I was burnt out and hurting, and my life was a mess.

When I went to the well that day, I expected the water to fill me up again, to take away the heat of the day, to replenish my empty batteries.

Instead, I met Him, and my life has never been the same. 

The way He spoke to me was startling. Life-altering.

My entire existence had been spent with people who looked right past me, with men who looked only at me. 

I was ignored, or worse, used, and I’d grown accustomed to it. 

In fact, I’d almost tricked myself into thinking I liked it.

But when He looked into my eyes, I realized: Maybe, just maybe, I was meant for more.

Jews don’t acknowledge Samaritans, and that rule goes both ways. But He broke the rules for me.

He looked at me, and He talked to me, and He expected – He asked for – a response. 

He wanted my attention that day. Mine. A Samaritan. A woman. A scandal. 

And when He spoke, He didn’t mince His words for me.

I think, more than anything, Jesus -- the man, the Jew, the Messiah -- treated me like an equal, not like an uneducated woman, a second-class citizen of Samaria.

That alone meant the world to me. That alone got my attention.

I’ve heard it said before that actions speak louder than words.

Never was that more clear than on that hot, hot day in Samaria.

Yes, Jesus spoke to me. His words were powerful and honest and convicting, and I was changed.

But I’ll never forget the way He looked straight into my eyes, or how He chose – hot and tired and weary as He was – to sit and be with me that day. Just me.

He took His time. He answered my questions. He convicted my actions. 

He changed my mind – about worship. About God. About faith. 

About what I’d always been taught was true.

And when He changed my mind, He changed my life.

It was hot that day, and I was tired.

And you know what? I never did get that drink I went to the well for.

But I left replenished and full, and the hope I’d been given was better than any sip of water I’d had before.


  1. Wow, this is so beautiful! Getting into the woman's mind likie that, and turning an age-old story into something resonating with us today... Amazing!

  2. Thank you for putting heart and flesh to this for us.... The deeper view into the heart of a woman who really isn't all that different from us...

  3. Very nicely told. makes the story more vivid in our minds. Thank you. Patsy from

  4. What a beautiful way to interpret the scriptures! I loved this post!