i will meet you there...

Sometimes you take hold of a task, willing it to start
Sometimes the date for the task comes and goes, whizzing by you in the dark
Sometimes you are so disappointed with yourself
Sometimes you cry to yourself in the dark alley of your heart

And then


You hear a drum beat in the distance
You have a choice to run, pounding your chest to that drum
You have a choice to fold your hands in your lap


I choose to run towards the beat of the drum
I choose to throw my hands overhead and wave to the passersby
I choose to smile and plead with others to come with me

Whatever task you are late to
Whatever you long to take hold of

Join me

Stand up tall and strong and run to the beat
Knowing I will meet you there


  1. I'm so glad Jesus will meet us wherever we are! Thanks for the reminder! I love this blog!