Mercy Triumphs Week 4


There is something amazing about the sound of pages flipping in the a Bible, that quiet rustle and crackle that leads you to deeper truths. I think one of the things I love most about Beth Moore studies is that she doesn't just cover the specific text but she also takes you on a journey through the Word. 

Risking God's Presence

I don't know about anyone else, but this week it was a tough journey. The video segment started by plunging us deep into the truths about the presence of God, his divine glory that rests among us as we crack open the word. And his divine glory can be lost and quenched by our words and our actions. And it's just how God works that I have been listening to podcasts from Joyce Meyer about changing our words and therefore changing our lives. I have been hit on all sides this week about how much power there is in the words I say. And I was humbly reminded that I often risk loosing the powerful presence of God in my life, and the anointing that goes with it, because of the things I say. Because of complaining, fault finding, criticism, or words that demonstrate a lack of faith I sometimes miss God's best.

Work out your Faith

Like many Christ followers I've often struggled with the dueling concepts of faith and works. But this week it became clearer to me as I realized that what God is doing in me is made perfect in my actions. It's almost like spiritual exercise. Physical activity makes us stronger, and we work out quite literally to grow in strength and ability. In the spiritual realm we work out our faith by doing the particular things, or works, that God has asked us to do. Because, let's be honest, we can think about
working out all day long with a knowledge that it will change us. But if we don't actually work out, we are pretty much denying the truth that we believe the working out will change us. And that demonstrates a lack of faith.

Fire and Water

My dad always says this phrase: speak life. Our words carry enormous power. I've got to be honest, James's harsh words on the tongue have always offended me a little. But as I read through the homework I felt that I had gained a comrad when I realized that perhaps the reason James was so harsh about the tongue was because he struggled with it as much as I do. And I know the frustration of constantly opening my mouth and sticking my foot inside. I love the example shared of when Moses and the Israelites encountered the bitter water. They prayed and God showed Moses what to do. He could have just instantly turned the water sweet, but he wanted to teach the people in the process. God often shows us what we need to do and the waits for our obedience to walk it out. And in matters of the tongue this is certainly true. He has been showing me a lot lately about how I should and should not speak, but I have to make that obedient choice to act.

So now it's your turn. What challenged you and inspired you this week?


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  1. Gina- I love that- "spiritual exercise." I started thinking about how if I was truly walking with the Lord when I would have a joy, a little nugget of joy, that I would WANT to put to use and want to go out and share it with others through my actions. This week have definitely shed light on how sincere my faith is. *ouch*