Mercy Triumphs Week 5


You are an open heart, warm and beating.  All your longings, lacking disappointments, and delays are ever before him.  He sees.  He knows. He is never deaf to your sighs. ~ Beth Moore.
Yesterday, I left my 8-5 day job to pursue other things.  These things include being a stay at home mom and focusing on my photography business.  God led us here.  God threw the doors wide open.

But when I woke up this morning, I was a little panicked about leaving a full time job and income to chase a dream.  I'm so excited, but doubts and anxiety crept into my slumber last night.  

What if I fall flat on my face?  What if people think my pictures are terrible? 

James yelled out this morning - Stop being a friend of the world! 
Purify your hearts, you double minded people.  James 4:8
Double-minded.  Yup, Guilty as charged.  

I found words of healing in the study this week.  Better yet, I found an action plan.  I know what I need to do to take steps forward.  This plan isn't on a to do list or in a planner.  It is right there - in James.  

Rest  in God's grace and be single minded.  

I cannot truly thank God for this new journey while I look over my shoulder.  I must commit to fixing my eyes forward and walking towards His will for my life.   Because.  His plan is Great.  It always is.

So now it's your turn. What challenged you? What moved you?


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  1. I have done things that have made me nervous over the years. I always tell myself... when you feel that twinge of anxiety, that's when you know you are doing something cool.

    Embrace it.

  2. First of all, Congratulations on your big move. Last January I made the decision to enroll in school and study again while homeschooling and raising a busy family. After the decision was made I had three rough days (especially nights) of anxiety and fear but I knew I'd made the right decision.

    This was a great week in the study. Not easy but great.I really appreciated the 'discussion' regarding perfection and what that really means. "His call to perfection is not about achieving an abstract state of moral perfection but about living holistic lives before God." Merriam Webster defines holistic as "relating or concerned with integrated wholes or complete systems rather than with the treatment of separate parts." Anyways, I've been reading and thinking plenty these past months about living wholeheartedly and I think this is what James is referring to when he speaks of perfection. Body, mind and soul - sold out - very purposeful and focused rather than fragmented or tossed about by every wave and whim.

    Secondly, and for the area that challenges me more, the tongue. Again. When we criticize or speak against someone else, even if it is true, it is sin. Ouch! I do not want to be judged by God in the way I have judged others. God knows people's hearts, motivations, their whole story while I do not. I appreciate, too, the clarification that, "people who walk in the Spirit judge "things". Not people."

    Great study. There is something nice about meeting in person with a group of people for study but this experience of doing it alone has been positive too. I think I'd like to begin a practice of doing a study like this twice a year.

    1. Krista, that part of judging was so hard. So convicting. I have so often thought during this study "Darn it, why did she have to tell me that?" Because now that I KNOW what is sin, there's no excuse for it. I am being reminded daily with this study, how serious sin is, and how sin flows through every part of my being. It's a tough study!

  3. Completely understand when it comes to second guessing decisions! i wrote a little about that too. hope your week is refreshing with the new change :)

  4. I love how God uses his word right when we need it! Blessing to you as you embark on a new journey!

  5. yes yes yes! i am behind, and just finished up week five yesterday!
    much of the same stood out to me, mostly the "action plan" :)

    love you, friend!