Mercy Triumphs Week 6

Wow, we've reached the end of the book of James! What an incredible journey James has taken us on over the past 6 weeks.

We assigned weeks to contributors randomly and while I was doing this week's homework I kept thinking "Of course I would just so happen to get this week!" So much of it spoke to me as I've been carrying a heavy heart lately. I think knowing I was going to do the wrap up post for this week made me pay extra attention to what I was reading, and God knew I needed that.

I love that James brings up "the process" again in day 2. Clearly endurance and perseverence are important if he's writing about it again in his very short letter. Maybe, just maybe he knew that hearing it once wasn't going to be enough. He was right. The second week of study I was so encouraged. "Consider it joy!" In a month's time, I've quickly forgotten the blessings that come from endurance and very much needed that reminder.

...the point is not just getting us into our proverbial lands of promise where we bear much fruit. The point is developing the spiritual muscle on our way so once we receive it, we are strong enough to keep it.
God knows how everything will turn out. And, for every single person who belongs to Him, it turns out well. We are not the exceptions. Neither our sins nor our sufferings are big enough to offset the ordered outcome.
I want to skip some points that I thought were wonderful, so that I can share what truly, truly spoke to me and what I struggle the most with... when God doesn't heal. Let me say this first: I do not doubt that God can heal. I know nothing is beyond His means. I know this. It's not about His might and power. Truly what it comes down to is not understanding His will. Clearly not being God, I look at situations and think "Why didn't You heal them? Why didn't You fix that?" It's not said/thought out of anger, but confusion. I loved what Beth said,

This was God's very son. He cried out loudly, tears streaming, and God heard... yet He did not save Him from death. An infinitely greater work was accomplished through the cross. When we cry out, our God hears whether or not He heals. Something greater must be at stake. Something we may not know till we see Him.
Others may still be healed in time on this earth but, if God does not raise us up here, He will adamantly raise us up in His glorious presence.
I love that. I'm going to leave you with a video. Grab your tissues and prepare your heart for truth. There is such peace in knowing that we are not called to understand, we are only called to follow Him. May we truly walk by faith.


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  1. This morning I couldn't sleep and the Holy Spirit nudged me to get up really early and finish up this week's Bible study before church. I got up and before I could get very far the phone rang and it was my dad telling me his cancer is progressing so quickly, they found cancer throughout his spine now compressing his vertebrae. If they don't act NOW he will become paralyzed and lose all normal functioning of bowels, etc. He is suffering so horribly with the pain. We've been praying and believing for healing but since August he has aged more than 20 years. When I got off the phone and had sobbed a while I returned to my study only to discover that the final two days deal with this very topic of healing. And what to do when God doesn't heal. God really cares - He woke me up to hear what He had to say in this study, in His Word on this topic, because He knew I'd be getting the phone call from my dad. If He cares enough to pay attention to detail like this...then I know He only desires good for me. And for my daddy. My heart is breaking right now. I feel devestated and yet know that God is my anchor. My peace. Even if he doesn't heal, yet will I praise him. But if any of you joining in this study are willing, would you consider lifting up my dad to the throne room of heaven to join with me in asking for healing. I already lost my mom to cancer ten years ago and can't believe we are walking this road again.

    1. Krista, I am joining you in prayer for your daddy. Isn't the Holy Spirit amazing? My grandmother always told me that when I couldn't sleep that it is because I needed to get up and pray. Your heart is so beautiful that you listen to His nudge. I am praying for you.

    2. Krista, my heart aches for you. I pray that God will give you all wisdom in any decisions your dad and family will need to make. I pray that God will provide comfort and new moments in the mist of chaos that you can cherish with each other. And I pray that God's presence will be so thick there's no doubt He's in this with you!

    3. Krista, I am so moved by the way God worked in your life this morning. I'm just in awe of His love for us. It's so hard to comprehend, because it surpasses anything our minds can wrap around, but it is pure LOVE! He will bring comfort and peace and blessings to you and your Daddy through this trial. Thank you for sharing this part of your journey with us! I will be lifting you BOTH up in prayer.

    4. praying, friend! beautiful how the lord is drawing you close in this time. love to you!

  2. Carly, this is amazing. Thank you for this beautiful analysis of week 6. As blessings are pouring down on my family after Brian was unemployed for 1 1/2 years, I pray that I use these blessings to honor Him.

  3. love this so much, carly! i am behind on study. finished up week five yesterday:) looking forward to this!