Mercy Triumphs, Week Seven

You yourselves are like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, 
to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to 
God through Jesus Christ. 
2 Peter 2:5

My mother had an obsession with real estate.  Many Sunday afternoons as a little girl I spent in the back of a gold Chevrolet Caprice Classic (without a seatbelt, mind you.  Mommies, can you imagine?!  Ahh!).  Riding from one Parade of Homes to the next.  Mother took notes on her favorite entry ways and hardwood flooring.  She drew plans of kitchen islands and breakfast nooks.  

In her heart she was building a structure. A dream home.  A place of retirement for the days her work was done.

She saved pennies her entire adult life for this dream home of hers.  Meeting contractors and drawing blueprints.  And at age 58 she bought a level, wooded lot and broke ground.  The soft earth’s official introduction to this home in her heart.

At age 59, the doctor diagnosed her with Pancreatic Cancer.

A wrench in the plans.  But little bother to her.  Mother pressed on with building, laying brick after brick, holding fast that her dream home would come to fruition. A deliberate act of faith.  Unimaginable to the carnal mind, given the predicted outcome of her disease.

Yet still, one cold day in February, I sat at her bedside holding a weak hand.  Construction less than halfway to an end.  

But her life drawing very near to it.

The cancer demolishing everything in its path.

Rubbing her arm, I whispered, “Momma, what do you want us to do about the house? We will finish it if you want.”

No hesitation ...“Sell it.”


“Just sell it.”  And with closed eyes and a weak voice, “I invested so much into that home all these years, but its not the place I’ll retire after all.”

Behold I am laying in Zion a stone, a cornerstone chosen and precious, and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame. 2 Peter 2:6

The last months of her life the building of her house may have stopped, but the construction never did.  For in the end she built a legacy of faith that will last an eternity.  Her pursuit of Christ unhindered by the circumstances of her illness.  She continues as a living stone, one precious brick of an eternal, spiritual house.    

She decisively chose to strengthen the only structure that would remain.  Her soul.  A legacy of faith she left behind for us all to build upon.

And much like the temple in Jerusalem, before one “single stone was thrown to the ground, a cornerstone was set in place.  Upon it rolled one living stone after another so that by the time the sanctuary built by human hands was destroyed (or in mom’s case, sold) another constructed by God’s hands was under way.” Mercy Triumphs p.204  (addition my own)

Christ.  The Cornerstone.  Chosen and Precious.

When I chose to study the book of James, I really thought I would walk away with a tighter tame on my tongue (ch. 3) or a simple refinement of faith-filled prayers (v. 5:16), but God’s vision was much broader.  And I should have known.

His purposes always dig deeper and establish a foundation unimaginable.

As I move to the end of this journey in the book of James, I am reminded of my mother, a lover of homes, who in her final hours recognized there is only one precious stone that mattered.  Christ Jesus.  And through Him alone, she passed down a spiritual inheritance, a spiritual house, a holy priesthood.  For my children, myself and countless generations to come.

Now that is a Real  Estate.

As discussed on day four, do we see ourselves as living stones?   A solid piece of the eternal structure?  Precious and chosen by the Cornerstone Himself?  You, beloved, are being built up as spiritual structure.  And this study in the book of James has strengthened the foundation of your stone.  Building you up to maturity in Christ Jesus.  Amazing.

Referring now to page 209 in your study guide, what Scripture references and concepts have stood out to you most?  As Beth asks, “What about James' life impacted you most as you reflect on your journey and why?” 

Share your answers today on your own blog, as well as here below.

What an honor to be a Living Stone alongside you, sweet sister-in-Christ.


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  1. Oh my goodness, I almost started crying. Thank you for sharing this about your mom. It really pointed me to Jesus and reminded me about what's really important. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful. I sat with my dad at the Cross Cancer Institute yesterday talking about this very thing... well many things but really at the core, what else matters but building the Kingdom? Thank you for sharing this piece of your story. I've loved this study. Honestly, way too many "favorite parts" to write out. For me it has really been about the way in which the Holy Sprit has ministered to me and been changing me throughout. Ok... I guess the one thing I'm prompted to share is the fact, discussed early on in the study, that Joy and Anguish can coexist.

    Thank you to the Beautifully Rooted team for opening up this opportunity to others to study alongside you. It has been part of a life-changing journey.

    1. Krista, I will be lifting up your dad in prayer. Please let me know if there is anything specific I can pray for. Hugs and Love.

    2. I am praying, too, sweet Krista.

    3. yes, please keep us updated on dad!

  3. Becky, I am so sorry for the loss of your mom. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, beautiful story. Joy in the suffering. Amen.

    1. Joy is in the suffering. You are absolutely right. Amazing.
      On in Christ is this possible.

  4. Such a beautiful post! So sorry for you loss. What an amazing gift and blessing your mother was!! Thanks you for sharing! xo Heather

  5. Becky, I love this. Thank you so much for sharing this story of your mom. I'm now thinking of all the time, countless really, I have invested in my home. An earthly home that will crumble. It pains me to think what I have missed out on because I haven't put all that time to invest in my eternal home and relationship with God. What a humbling story.