Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce

Aren't you guys just loving fall?!


The weather stays pretty mild here, but we try to soak fall in whenever we can.
Sometimes we just pretend it's cold and bake something anyway.

During this past year and now during this season of special thanks,
I have been so grateful for friendships.  I feel so blessed to have met such wonderful
women here on Beautifully Rooted! I have learned a ton from these ladies
and I'm sure you have too. You have welcomed us into your homes and sat down with us
and your morning cuppa'. We have shared secrets, encouraged one another in love,
lifted each other out of sorrow, and pointed each other to Jesus.

I'm grateful to have met each of you.

For the holidays, I would be lying if I said I like to keep it easy.
I do however like to find ways to make the process easier. I'm learning.
One way to keep things simple is to make the cranberry sauce ahead of time.
I usually make 2 kinds, this one and a canned remake
you can find on my blog...tin can mold and all!
The orange zest and Grand Marnier in this cranberry sauce are a bright and fresh addition
to any holiday table.  This recipe makes plenty to share.  If you are just a few this year,
cut the recipe in half, share with a random neighbor down the street,
or follow the instructions for canning it!

Grand Marnier Cranberry Sauce

2 12 oz. packages of cranberries

2 cups of sugar, add more if you want it really sweet

zest from 1 orange

juice from 2 oranges

4 Tablespoons Grand Marnier

few dashes of cinnamon

Boil a large pot of water, 3/4 full (only if canning the sauce).  In a second large pot,
combine all ingredients.  Over medium heat, simmer the mixture until the cranberries
have burst or until it has thickened.  If not canning, refrigerate up to 3 days
before you would like to serve it.  If canning, sterilize the jars and lids,
then immediately add the hot cranberry sauce to the jars,
leaving 1/4 of headspace/room on top. Wipe the rims with a clean cloth
to prevent the lids from sticking and to encourage a proper seal.
Process/boil with 1 inch of water covering them for 5 minutes, remove,
and cool for 24 hours before moving.

If you can this sauce, you can easily travel with it to parties or give as hostess gifts.
I did this last year and it saved me a lot of time.  You could even check it in your luggage
as a way to bring some homemade to wherever you are traveling this holiday season!

Either way, it's a wonderful handmade gift!

Add a lovely label from Heather's new Paperie Shop for a perfect finishing touch!


  1. I remember the tin can cranberry sauce you made for Mike. He loved it! You know how to do holidays right!

  2. No water is added to the recipe, correct?