No-Sew black-out curtains - Guest Post

Our kid's room faces a whole lotta sun. Which delighted me when we first saw the house, imagining my littles playing as the sun streams in... but then practicality set in. They also need to take naps and fall asleep at 7pm in this room. This very sunny room.

And while our kids don't need pitch black to fall asleep, the sun was literally blinding them at certain angles so something had to be done. I started looking into black-out curtains but they were always running upwards from $40. DIY projects weren't much better since black-out fabric is around $20/yard. Oh, and I'm kind of taking a sewing hiatus :)

With all that in mind, I found a way to do a really cheap improv of black-out curtains
that have done the trick. They're no-sew, cheap, and really fast.

tension rod ($5, Wal-Mart) 
curtain rings ($10, IKEA) 
1 yard normal fabric for front (already had)
1 yard black fabric or even a black sheet ($3, Goodwill)
I just layered the black fabric behind my front fabric (Amy Butler's Orange Dot)

And instead of hemming the edges,
I folded them over and used a curtain ring with clips to pinch the "hem"


They're not perfect, but they block a ton of heat and streaming sun for naptimes. 
And for under $20 I'm glad I went this route instead of buying some. 
This way you can pick your own fabric and make sure it fits your window perfectly.
Plus, less time at the sewing machine and more time with the littles = triple win!


  1. What a great DIY idea! This is my kind of thing, no sewing! Thanks, Em!

  2. Very nice blackout curtains.I liked all these types of things.

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